The PRACTIC sp. z o.o. S.K.A. company has been a producer and distributor of household goods for domestic and international market since 1988. Our company started its operation by producing plastic kitchen goods only. Thanks to dynamic development, we have expanded our assortment with wooden and metal products. We try to make our products unique and distinguished by their original design, packaging and quality. We enlarge our range and gain new markets every year. The quality of our products and reliability of handling orders are confirmed by the fact that our goods have been on the shelves of most Polish and foreign supermarkets for a long time now. Many years of satisfactory cooperation with our customers and suppliers have resulted in the opinion of a solid and reliable partner. Very stable and competitive prices are the backbone of our business success both on domestic and international market.

Increasing customer demands, need for their acquisition and competition in a free market, together with the aspirations of our Company, are a motive to implement and maintain the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. The system was implemented and certified in 2014.

Our Company’s quality policy in the field of quality assurance is fully focused on customer satisfaction while complying with technical requirements and regulations when it comes to our products. We can do it only if our employees are fully involved, and aware of their responsibility for the product quality.

In order to build customer trust and create the image of a company conducted with social and environmental responsibility in mind, the Practic company has implemented and holds the FSC CoC certificate. It means that our company gets the raw material coming from properly managed forests which meet the highest social and environmental standards. The FSC® system’s credibility is based on maintaining the continuity of the control system (we control the origin of product from the moment the raw material is acquired to the final product).